Monday, April 07, 2008

Heileman's Old Style - Manly Beer Review!

Heileman's Old Style came on to the market in 1902. The Old Style we drink today, unfortunately, is not the same Old Style our dads and grandfathers drank. Pabst bought the brand in 1999, and didn't buy the recipe.

I guess they thought no one would notice their beer tasted different.

Old Style is not just Pabst Blue Ribbon in a different can, though. Old Style is more bitter than PBR, so if you've ever thought "you know, this Pabst is pretty good, but I wish it had a hoppier flavor," well, you're all set.

I poured a tiny bit out of the can to check the color and head. It's definitely beer colored, with a thin head. Overall, it's a pretty good beer, certainly better than Michelob lager, but not as good as Pabst Blue Ribbon or Miller High Life. The price is identical to PBR, at least at my local libations provider, so the deciding factor between the two is your own preference for bitterness.

As a testament to the quality of this beer, my pal Wolfie - who generally only drinks microbrews, or homebrew - has some nice Old Style beer steins. That's high praise right there.

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Desert MotoRat said...

You beat me to it. I was going to suggest an Old Style review. It was one of my favorites from my college days. If you ever find it in bottles it's pretty darn decent beer.

Lucky said...

It's pretty decent in cans, too!

When it comes to cheap beer, I've got to admit that PBR is my current favorite, but I wouldn't turn down a frosty can of Old Style.

Anonymous said...

You can still get original Old Style, but it is now called La Crosse. Same brewery, same recipe.