Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Michelob Lager - Yet Another Manly Beer Review

My favorite purveyor of malty goodness was sadly lacking in beer options for real men tonight. They must get their shipments on Wednesdays...

As such, I settled on a six-pack of Michelob lager. I've never had Michelob, that I can remember. Well, I did snatch a couple quick swallows of my dad's Michelob Dry when I was a kid, but that hardly counts. At $5.99 for a six-pack, the price tag was a little high, but real men do splurge for the good stuff once in a while.

Now, we all probably know Michelob for their ill-advised "Ultra" beer, for low-carb diet doofuses. Or maybe not. Michelob advertises more than Schlitz, but that isn't really saying much. Part of the Anheuser-Busch family of beers, Michelob is the brand that kind of got forgotten.

Originally intended as a beer for men of exceptional taste, one might worry the brand is edging towards Micro-Brew status. It's not, don't worry.

Since there were no cans of Michelob available at my favorite local retailer, I had to settle for the weird lava-lamp-lookin' bottles. Apparently in the way-back, Michelob bottles won a fancy design award. Then they stopped making fancy bottles. Then a couple years ago they started up with less-fancy, goofy looking bottles.


The beer itself, if you were to pour it into a glass (which, as we know, men do not do unless they are pouring it into a glass that holds more than one bottle/can worth of beer), is a darker golden color. The head is thin, as would be expected. We American men don't drink foam, after all. If we did, we'd be at Starbucks instead.

If I had to describe Michelob in one word, it would be: bitter. If you like hoppy beer, Michelob is for you. The bitterness isn't overpowering, but it is the first noticeable quality of the beer. As such, this is a beer I would recommend for drinking along with a cigarette. The two complement each other nicely, and inspire one to kick back and remark "There's nothing like a cold beer and a cigarette at the end of the day."

Not that you should smoke. Or drink alcohol. That shit'll kill ya.

There are a few, dare I say it, fruit-like undertones to Michelob, and a significantly more complex taste than a lot of other Macro-brews. Jesus, this stuff is practically fancy beer. So, if you're the type who adds extra Velveeta to your Kraft Mac & Cheese, Michelob is probably for you.

Personally, I won't be getting another six-pack of Michelob. It's alright, but I found Miller High Life preferable, and cheaper.

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Tinker said...

The price of beer here is such that I find it cost-effective to drink Samuel Adams Honey Porter, it is a fairly sweet brew, hopped just enough that you can drink a few of them very quickly.

Even the cheapest beer is around $7 a sixpack, so it doesn't make much difference to pay $8, after all.

Beaker said...

I reckon I would become one of them alcomaholics if beer was that cheap down here. Luckily for me (or not), the price of a six-pack runs at about AU$13

Anonymous said...

You should try Michelob "Amber Bock". Wait untill it gets its coldest. You'll love it!