Monday, April 07, 2008

End of the Moto-Commute

Last Wednesday was my last ride to work for the foreseeable future. I'm not throwing in the towel, just carpooling full time. Carpooling is a good thing, since I get to spend more time with Lady Luck, save wear and tear on the bike, and reduce our fuel costs.

The downside is, I go kind of nuts when I don't ride for a long time. When I ride to work, I get about one and a half hours of quality motorcycle time in per day without taking time away from other hobbies and responsibilities. I can find time to ride, believe me, but it's nice having a consistent level of moto-goodness as a structured part of my week.

On the other hand, now my rides should be more adventurous, on the whole, than the usual back and forth routine. Perhaps this will be a good development for future ride reports.


irondad said...

OK. I'm starting a lottery. Pick the date when Lucky caves in and starts riding to work again. Any takers?

Of course, if Lady Luck finds a pizza scented air freshener, all bets are off!

Feel the love, Buddy?

Mr Motorcycle said...


I'll give Lucky 1-2 weeks before he falls off of the carpool wagon.

I can feel his pain though. Without going into details. I can't do my job from a motorcycle, and can't ride it to my office. My car is one of my offices.

Good luck Lucky! Aaahhh, smell that pizza scented air freshener.

Desert MotoRat said...


I think you've got a good chance to make it through the Phoenix summer.

Good luck, and don't let the air-conditioning make you soft.

Lucky said...

I think I can handle carpooling until I get a new job (or get my business going), but I'm going to have to go out riding after work and on the weekends a whole lot more.

Also, if you're taking bets, I'd better get a cut.

Becky said...

Those rides back and forth can get a little boring. You should do more interesting rides now on the weekends and evenings. Carpooling is a good thing, saving fuel and the planet.....


Mr. Motorcycle said...


Can't cut you in on bets. That'll ruin the odds for the rest of us.

Lucky said...

How about this: I'll hold the pot until the contest ends.