Friday, October 12, 2007

Manly Beers Continued - Miller High Life

A small confession - back in my beer-snob days, I would refuse Miller High Life even if it meant I didn't get any beer.

Oh, the shame.

I didn't know about the proud tradition of this fine American pilsner. The Champagne of Beers has been on the market since 1903. That means American men have been savoring the High Life for almost 105 years. Think on that for a minute. Nearly 105 years of Miller Time, and counting...

Ok, so tonight I brought home this six pack of unassuming beer I found hiding in a remote cooler in the liquor store. For $3.60, I figured I could afford to pour it out if it sucked.

But, the thing is...

It doesn't suck.


High Life is what I would call a good pizza beer. It won't replace my beloved Grain Belt Premium, but since I live in a state where the glorious butter-beer is not sold, High Life will do the trick. It's light, crisp, and thoroughly satisfying. The head is rather thin but, come on, it's a pilsner.

My big complaint? The liquor store didn't have cans. I don't know if High Life even comes in cans. Glass bottle have this horrible habit of breaking when they get knocked off the shelf in the garage. With a can, there's a chance that you can save the beer in time and not lose all of it.

Anyway, get yourself to your local brew-seller and start living the High Life.

For a previous manly beer review, read here about Schlitz.


Kano said...

I've only got one thing to say about that, PABST BLUE RIBBON! Get some pizza, some Pabst and watch Dennis Hopper in the cult classic "Blue Velvet" to find out why. (Don't let kids see this one, trust me on that)

Orin said...

Miller High Life is in bottles only... after all, have you ever seen Champagne in cans?

Der_General said...

High Life does indeed come in cans, or at least it used to. Back when I worked as a barback (15 or so years ago) we had one regular who drank it - he was an old guy who stopped in most nights for a couple beers after work. Nobody else touched it - our weekly order from the distributor was something like:
-100 cases Bud Light
-50 cases Budweiser
-60 Cases Miller Lite
-20 cases each of Coors/Busch/Natty Light

...and one twelve-pack of High Life...

pnkrok said...

cans yes...and now there out in special hunter edition orange (in minnesota that is)I do agree that the premo is better but high life has a special place as well ($15 for 24 cans)