Monday, February 20, 2006

A request is a request...

Since someone asked (HI WOLFIE!), here's my bottom 10:

10. People who think it's too cold to ride in Phoenix right now. Shoot, pretty soon it's going to be 115 degrees out, and then they'll think it's too warm.

9. Backordered parts.

8. Big rocks at freeway speeds.

7. Driving a cage when I could be riding my bike.

6. Fringe.

5. SUVs. Seriously, fuck SUVs.

4. The unridden bike.

3. Not having the right tool.

2. ...Or even an adjustable wrench

1. Being too sick to ride. It just adds insult to injury.


Surly said...

Does my Wifes Subaru Outback count as a hated SUV? I seriously want your opinion, not starting shit. I bought it (used) cause we needed the room (baby)and I too hate those huge gas guzzling behemoths you cant see through. My Subaru is not soo tall you can't see around or through, has a four cylinder. And it was cheap used. I cant afforrd the new ones. I love that car, but then I've always loved wagons.

Caractacus said...

How about doing a middle 10 list? No one celebrates the mediocre. Come on, they always get overlooked. We need to have a holiday for the mediocre, because without them the good just wouldn't look as good and the bad would just not be that bad or would the good look better and the bad look worse? Regardless, we need to hoist the gray area on our shoulders and rejoice. Have a good day.

Lucky said...

Hell no an outback isn't an SUV. I've never mentioned it, but I think station wagons rock. I mean, how many cars can be ironically named "Battle Wagon" without being lame?

One of these days I'll get into what makes an SUV...

As for the middle 10 list, I'll think about it.

Christine said... have....fringe.....

Nice blog you got goin' there!!