Thursday, February 16, 2006

How about a top ten list?

For some reason, I always dig lists. So, here's ten random thoughts from a pizza-loving motorcyclist.

10. Be a courteous rider. Don't cut people off, and use your turn signals.
9. Except around SUVs. Fuck SUVs. Throw rocks at them if you can.
8. Leathers might just give you super-powers. But white leathers don't.
7. Don't order more pizza than you can reasonably carry on your bike.
6. Carry tools. Even if you don't need them, some other poor S.O.B. might.
5. Pull over if you see a rider broken down on the road. The rider might need your tools, and might buy you pizza.
4. Wheels, Pizza, Boobs. Good things that come in twos.
3. Count the bugs on your helmet before you clean them off. Keep track of the tally in your garage.
2. If you live in a place where you can ride all year around, you are happy and you should know it. Clap your damn hands.
1. Ride safe, ride hard and ride as much as you possibly can.

Well, that was certainly a list. Sorry for my lack of posts this week. If I told you how crazy things have been, you'd probably get bored.

Tomorrow I'm off to San Diego for the weekend. Oh Hell yeah!


Anonymous said...

Don't just fuck SUV's - really FUCK SUV's - I hate em too. Can't see thru em and have a hard time gettin round em in the traffic - bastards think they own the roads and not the dirt where they should be!

I sound a bit agro don't I - but they are pains in the ass - almost as bad as cagers on cell phones.

Beaker said...

Hey Lucky,

I like your Top 10 - especially point 2 - coz I'm larfin :-)

Wolfie said...

Alright, man, how about a *bottom* 10?