Thursday, November 17, 2005

So, what's your favorite pizza place?

I'd like to ask, once again, for some recommendations of pizza places in the U.S. So far I've gotten recommendations for about 6 places, two in New Mexico and a couple in Denver, and one out in Rhode Island. That's a good start, but this is The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour. Which means I need to leave a swath of discarded pizza boxes across the entire country.

I know you have a favorite pizza place. Tell me where the hell it is, so I can go and validate you. Please share. You can leave a comment, or email me if you like.

Need the rules for pizza parlor qualification again? Here they are.


Caractacus said...

Savoy's pizza in downtown St Paul is pretty top notch. I enjoyed it.

Wolfie said...

I've heard good things about Savoy's in St. Paul, but you know I'm a fan of Punch in St. Paul and Sarpino's in Otsego, MN. But you'll REALLY like Grandpa Tony's in St. Paul. Fan-Effing-Tastic.

red said...

Some Guy's Pizza
Indianapolis, IN

It's amazing, I worked there for a while and I never got tired of the food!

Gymi said...

Nikki's in Greek Town in Detroit. They have the best deep dish that I ever had.

Surly said...

Not my favorite pizza but....Gentelman Tom's Hideaway in Kersey, IN has all you can eat pizza on Teus. nites for $3.99! It's not a pizza joint, more of a bar that has food. It's good pizza-sorta like someones mom made it. I mean that in a good way. We had four people 3 pizzas and two pitchers of beer for under 25 bucks. If you ever get to Indiana call me-we'll ride down.