Friday, November 18, 2005

Pizza! Motorcycles! Holy Sh*t!!

I had a Freschetta pizza for dinner last night. I prefer the one with the cheesy/saucy crust, but the plain old variety is ok. Especially when a veggie friend who accidentally bought a meaty pizza gives it to me.

I gotta get out and review a new place soon. I know I've been a little slow in reviewing places. I've just been too damn busy to go out and eat pizza, what with my blacksmithing class on Saturdays, working, trying to forget I spent the day working, and then stretching my Sundays as far as I can to maximize weekend chill time.

But I'll review a new place soon, ok?

Anyway, back to the important issues at hand. What motorcycle do I want? Well, I'm thinking it'll be the Sportster 883. Or the Bonneville.

See, the problem is, they both make me feel kinda funny. I have to admit, I'm leaning very strongly towards the Sporty. It's cheaper, and parts are (presumably) very easy to get. I also like the way it looks quite a bit. On the other hand, every time I look at the Bonneville I need to take a cold shower and think about poor dentistry. It's SO pretty. You don't believe me? Well LOOK at it!

My right brain knows that it'll end up being a huge pain in my ass, given the rarity of the bike. But then, my left brain yells "Hey, stupid! It's rare and sexy!! You LOVE rare and sexy!!" Worse, I saw there's one of these on sale for a significant discount at the local Triumph dealer. It's even more rare, and more sexy (and more likely to piss off my lovely passenger).

But who am I kidding? I'm getting a Sportster. Probably some time in January. Or February. Or something.

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Surly said...

I think if you ride both bikes on the same day-you'll pull the trigger on the Harley-Ferguson.
The Bonnies are really short too, if you have long legs it will be like a mini-bike.
I am a firm beliver in multiple bikes. Buy the new Sporty and get an old BSA to tinker with. I say BSA instead of Triumph because the Beesers are cheaper used.