Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Leaning and the effects of Camo

Regarding the new bike, I'm leaning strongly towards getting a Sportster. Now my decision is 883 or 1200? There's more to that decision than raw power (which I do love so very, very much). I'm leaning towards the 1200 because it has a couple of amenities (like a tachometer, it appears) that the 883 doesn't have. It should also have enough power that it won't notice I've got a passenger, a tank bag, a couple of saddle bags, and a cast iron bathtub strapped to it. Plus, there's something about that bike that appeals to my monster-truck/dragster sensibilities. It's just a huge motor, with wheels. On the other hand, it has to run on 91 octane. That's not that big of a deal with it's 4 gallon (approximately) tank, but a buck is a buck. I might have to start spending more than $9 per tank. The other thing is that it's a couple grand more expensive ($6500 vs. $8500).

Well, I've got to save up a big ol' down payment anyways. That oughta be fun.

Anway, on to the other topic, I've been wearing my old army-surplus camo jacket while riding and staying significantly warmer. Hooray for camo!


Der_General said...

Personally I would go with the 883 - the bottom ends are identical, so if it isn't enough you can buy a 1200 conversion kit for under a grand (I think someone is even making a 1400 kit now - Wiseco, maybe?) Easy to do, you don't even need to pull the engine. There are lots of cheap, gently used 883's with only a couple thousand miles (in my area, anyways) so you could potentially get into a hopped-up 1400cc Sportster for ~$6k + a weekend of wrenching...

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the new Triumph Bonnevilles. Lighter, faster better handling than either of the Sporties. Priced in between the 883 and 1200. Much more unique and the paint and fit and finish is far superior. I own one and the Harley guys are all over it at events. It was the Triumph that caused Harley to come up with the Sporster because they were losing so much market share to the Brit bikes in the fifties.