Monday, July 12, 2010

Post-Apocalyptic Desert Biker Grub

Canned bacon is pretty neat, and coffee in a tube is simply brilliant.

And now, canned sandwiches. I, for one, can't wait for Candwich to go into production.

This is just an awesome product idea on so many levels. It's presumably shelf stable for a while. Rather durable packaging, and I imagine you could re-purpose the can as a small hobo stove. Or as a drinking/eating/cooking vessel. And you won't have to use your precious water supply to rehydrate it!

Of course, in a nomadic post-apocalyptic biker society, the bulk would require you to either have a food stash hidden away, or a large support vehicle in your tribe. That could be a problem if your survival requires light and fast travel.

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Wolfie said...

Re: post-apocalyptic survival strategies. I think that, for the initial post-apocalyptic period, there will be enough to scavenge around urban and suburban areas that fast-and-light nomadism could work. In the long haul, though, the groups who start stockpiling supplies in permanent defensible positions, and use fast-and-light transport mainly for gathering supplies to stockpile, are going to be in a better position. Also, we could discuss this over email if this is too much crazy for your blog.