Friday, June 15, 2007

Coffee and Milk In a Tube

Seriously, New Zealand must be a wonderful, wonderful place to live. And a product like this could only have been invented by a motorcycle touring fiend. Stick a metal canteen full of water under your seat/on top of the motor and when you need to stop for a break, squirt a bit of coffee-concentrate in your mug and add hot water.

I wonder how it tastes.

If you aren't familiar with Sandwich Girl's blog (how I found out about this amazing product) about life at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, well, you oughta check it out. No motorcycles, but damn interesting all the same.


Michelle said...


Another aid to use in my plight to convince the husband to ride during the winter.

Tinker said...

I have no idea how the new Zealand coffee in a tube tastes but several years ago I discovered coffee concentrate in a bottle. Very good, but not quite up to the best drip coffee I have tasted, far better than freeze dried, better than instant coffee powder, that class of things. (I use an Aerobie press. I like it since you can make coffee in camp, in a hotel, anywhere, that is as good as it gets.)

In fact, I used to mix it with Macallan's 20 year old Single Malt, for a drink that woke you up enough to appreciate a fine single malt whisky. Peat smoke, good coffee and alcohol all at once.

Chris Cope said...

I suspect that coffee in a tube tastes a lot like the insufferable meals in packets that the U.S. Army has to deal with.

Anonymous said...

It tastes gorgeous!! Really sugary and milky. Even though I like my coffee litely white and no sugar. Must be it tastes great because you're out riding . . .
You gotta try pineapple lumps (chocolate covered pineapple flavoured marshmallow sweeties) and marmite (beef flavoured spread, an aquired taste) while you're at it. But not at the same time.
Come and try some Kiwi Pizza Lucky, we'll make you feel right at home!