Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Required Moto Gear: Canned Bacon

Did you know bacon now comes in camoflauge-canned form?

I must get some of this. One can for the Triumph, one for the Vespa, one to open and inpect, and 7 left over for the zombie shelter.

Combine with coffee in a tube for the ultimate emergency biker breakfast.


Chris Cope said...

"More than 2 years went into the development of this bacon" -- That suggests to me a lot of failure rather than hard work. Add a bit more salt to bacon and you have a salted meat -- which they figured out some 600 years ago.

Lucky said...

Hey, when the zombie uprising comes, who's going to be eating tasty bacon and laughing at all you people with your salty pork?

(Not me. $10.95 a can?! Pass the spam and twinkies)

hawktane said...

Nice! I love my bacon from a can. Yeah, I'm with you, I'll take good ole spam.

Fairings said...

hmmm...spam will be just fine with me too.