Friday, July 23, 2010

A Moment to Enjoy the Small Things

The visor on my helmet gets cleaned about twice a year. It's kind of nasty. Last night, I broke out the high-powered cleaning fluid and chipped every last insect carcass off my window to the world.

I also cleaned and oiled my chain. My chain isn't neglected like my visor, but it was getting a little noisy.

Riding in to work on a cool, gloomy morning with a clean visor and near-silent chain? Heavenly.


Wycked/Mikel said...

Remember, Lube the Chain when its hot, like right after a ride hot.

My visor gets cleaned a lot more often then that, but then, I find that visual obstructions on my visor give me a head ache since I also wear glasses.

irondad said...

Just don't use chain lube on your visor and Windex on your chain.