Monday, July 26, 2010

Time for a New Lid

My Shoei TZ-1 has been an awesome helmet. It's comfy, reasonably quiet, covered in street-cred and I just plain like it.

But it's also five years old, and I think it has become self-aware, so it's time to get a new one before it permanently attaches itself to my skull and forces me to rampage through greater Phoenix.


Anyway, I need a new lid. Any suggestions for helmets I should be sure to check out?


RazorsEdge2112 said...

Yes, when a helmet becomes sentient, it is time to move on. :-)

Really don't have a good suggestion, but would like to suggest you may want to stay away from Hawk helmets. They are sort-of 'bargain basement specials.' I was in a tough spot last year and had to get a helmet on the cheap. Bought a Hawk Modular. Initially, it felt well but after six months it started getting loose. None of the people I know who have purchased this brand say they last very long.

Just my 2 cents. Good luck with your search.

Tinker said...

Nolan N102. You can get it equipped with radio or not as you desire. Got mine on Amazon for $200. Antifog visor, too.

Lucky said...

Thanks, Gents.

I'd forgotten all about Nolan helmets. I'll have to check those out.

red said...

I love this helmet.

My buddy has it and says it's the best helmet he has ever had.

Wycked/Mikel said...

They are located on 35th Ave and Union Hills and will do you a greater service then any suggestion on here can. Your head is not their head, nor even mine, how can what fits me, fit you?

Oh and you still owe me some games of Pool!

GPtuners said...

I'm a huge fan of Shark. I just got my first, an RSI, and LOVE it.

Lucky said...

Red - that helmet looks most righteous.

Wycked - Good point. And yeah, we need to go play pool soon. I'm getting all rusty.

GPTuners - I'll check them out

Kellye Parish said...

I'm getting my first ride this week and actually went to get fitted for my first helmet today. Turns out I have a freakishly small head.

Anyway, the guy there told me if you were going to splurge on any single piece of safety equipment, the helmet was the best piece to invest serious money in, because you simply cannot get a replacement head.

After talking with the gearheads there for awhile, I ended up going with the Scorpion Exo-700 Fiore. Classy-looking, washable/removable padding, and Kevlar-tastic safety certifications. Haven't ridden in it yet but it's a really comfortable fit.

If you wreck in one you might get maimed or killed, but at least your head will be in good shape for the funeral. ;)