Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Causing Trouble Again

So it would seem that I've successfully repaired the oil leak on the Triumph. There were no puddles of oil under the bike this morning, which is just how I like it...

Anyway, after a couple of weeks on the Vespa, getting back on the Speed Four is kinda... exhilarating. What can I say? I like fast motorcycles.

So after riding a more leisurely bike, it's very, very tempting to get into all sorts of trouble.

Especially when some guy in his car wants to race. I love it when people in cars want to race. Usually, I don't actually indulge in my urges to whack open the throttle and leave behind a hazy outline of myself that can still outrun some doofus in his pick 'em up.

But a cager who wants to race a motorcycle is just begging to be messed with. Although I wouldn't do this - because it would be dangerous as well as foolish - here is what I sorely want to do:

1. Doofus indicates desire to race in usual way (getting next to me and hanging out, then keeping pace when I speed up to get my safety cushion back)
2. I get into full tuck and speed up the tiniest bit, just to get doofus hooked
3. Doofus tries to pass, and I keep pace as we accelerate
4. I let him get the tiniest bit ahead, then pull up next to him/slightly ahead
5. Repeat step 4 several times so doofus thinks we're really racing now
6. Look over and make eye contact with doofus
7. Wink
8. Downshift and watch doofus vanish in my rear view mirrors

So maybe I won't really do it, but it's sure a fun dream...


Troubadour said...

Ha, that's my evening commute. I like the tuck, pace and hook, definitely going to try that.

Canajun said...

Nah, I wouldn't do it either. But when I did, they sure did disappear fast in my Z1 mirrors. What's the plural of doofus? Doofi?

David said...

Oh the joys of riding a fast bike in slow traffic. :)

Not that I would know from personal experience (At least not that I would admit!) but a Suzuki V-Strom can out accelerate a Porsche Boxster from 50 to 90mph. It might have even happened much as you described.

Ride well and stay safe.
Dave T.

irondad said...

You know, you are so transparent. This is just like saying " I have this FRIEND" who.......

You wild man!

Lucky said...

Troubadour - Let us know how it goes.

Canajun - I've always thought "doofuses."

David - I can believe it. The boxster has all that superfluous steel and two extra wheels slowing it down... :D

irondad - I don't know what you're talking about. I always ride in a prudent and entirely legal manner, like everyone else I know.