Friday, January 15, 2010

Pizza Hacking!

So this guy banged together a wood-fired pizza oven out of a Weber grill and some refractory concrete, and he sets up his outlaw pizza restaurant in different places around San Francisco.

How cool is that?


Wyckedflesh said...

When will yours be ready?

Lucky said...

As soon as I have spare time. Man, I got hobbies and projects... :D

red said...

Man, that pie looks amazing! I miss pizza more than any other doughy goodness. (Stupid gluten intolerance)

I'm off to weep in the corner over all the slices I'll never have.

bobskoot said...


I'm waiting for pizza in Astoria. I'm guessing it will be the best pizza on the West Coast

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Lucky said...

Red - I'm weeping on your behalf.

bobskoot - yeah, I'm looking forward to that too. Counting the days, my man.

Gymi said...

Gotta love a rebel pizza chef.