Saturday, January 09, 2010

What Happened to the Week?

Wasn't it just Monday?

So, today I found a solution to getting just a bit of oil out of the Triumph: a siphon. Duh.

After precisely measuring out "a bit" of oil, I checked the levels again, found they were OK, and fired it up to let it run a while. So far, there are no new oil puddles underneath. After I take it for a ride tomorrow, I'll know for sure whether or not my repair was a success. I'd take it out tonight but, you know, beer happened.

Tomorrow I'll roll the VX800 outside and try jumping it off the Mustang's battery. I kind of expect it will fire up without too much prodding. But then, I'm kind of an optimist.


David said...

Glad you figured out how to pull a bit of oil out. On my VStrom I found that forgetting to put on the oil filler cap, then hitting the starter (The oil filler is directly over the clutch) will fling oil over 20 feet, coating your nice white gate. Lost about half a quart that way. LOL

Dave T.

Riders Discount said...

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Lucky said...

David - You know, I've managed to avoid doing that, but I'm sure I'll forget one day and give my garage a nice oil coating...