Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We Now Resume Our Scheduled Programming

By which I mean - tomorrow I have to go back to work, writing code.

Lady Luck and I made our annual trip to San Diego over the last four days. We just got back to Phoenix this evening.

Phoenix is sorely lacking when it comes to beaches and ocean. On the other hand, our cats and motorcycles are here, so I guess it's not all bad.

I don't have much in the way of pictures, or interesting stories. It was a good trip. We revisited the Mona Lisa Italian Restaurant. The beaches were still sandy. The water was cold, but not unbearable. We met someone from Toronto while we were at the beach. She told us how much she loved being by the ocean.

Lady Luck was surprised I didn't tell our new friend about the wonders of coastal Oregon.

The reason for my silence was simple - I don't want anyone else to figure it out. And I've got dibs.


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Funny you should mention Oregon regarding weather, etc. It just came up in conversation the other day between my Father in-law and myself. We were talking about living in a place where the weather is fairly mild all year round. He brought up Oregon as the closest place he could think of. He runs a fairly large commercial construction company. Years back he used to have a project in Oregon. He said the downside is the rainy season when it rains everyday. Other than that, pretty nice. Sorry Lucky, The cat's out of the bag now.

Chris Cope said...

I lived in SD for three years and absolutely hated it by the end. To this day when I talk about that place I go into a rage within 20 seconds of trying to explain all that is wrong about it.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

O.K. Chris, now that you've caught our interest, You've gotta say what it is that sucks about SD. I've just gotta know.

David said...

My wife fell in love with the Oregon coast, Tillamook area, when we visited a few years ago. While it's not that far from eastern Washington, where we live now, the winters are a lot milder. We've been working toward moving there and hope to do so in the next few years. Who knows, we may wind up riding together. :) Check out www.pnwriders.com for ride info and groups in the Pacific Northwest area. I'm not connected with them, just a fan and member.

Dave T.

Lucky said...

Mr. Moto - it's ok if the cat's out of the bag. Like I said, I've got dibs.

Chris - Yeah, make with the list of things wrong with San Diego. At least a top five.

I wouldn't live there, but it's nice to visit.

David - Thanks for the link. We're hoping to move up there in the next year or two.

...Unless we move somewhere else.

irondad said...

Shush! We have enough people here, already. Though there is always room for you and Lady Luck.

Tillamook? You must have been there on the one nice day!

irondad said...


Maybe you should try San Diego. It would be interesting to see you as a Surfer Dude!

Becky said...

Sorry Lucky. I posted photos of my recent trip down the Oregon coast, so now everyone will want to go. I know why you enjoyed it so much, as I've been to Phoenix many times. It's the difference between heaven and hell. Hope you decide to move near the coast eventually.