Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Hope My Passage Goes Unnoticed

I rode in to work today because Lady Luck is out of town. After I was too far from home to turn back, I realized I forgot to put the new tab on my license plate.

My registration expires in July, so I'm riding around with an obviously overdue plate.


The dumb thing is I had the new tab sitting right next to my wallet this morning.

Thus far in my motoring career, the infractions I always get pulled over for are problems with headlights and expired tabs.

I hope my ride home is un-police-eventful. It's darn hot out and, as Hunter Thompson said, I have never been able to properly explain myself in this climate.


Rick said...

Good Luck on the ride home!

irondad said...

Could Hunter ever properly explain himself?

There was a guy in one of our classes who was so big that his rear hung out over the tail light. Either sit really far back or find something to pack home that accidently "on purpose" covers the plate.

Liking the new look, here, by the way.

A said...

How'd it go?

Around here, you get an unofficial grace period. If your tag expired in June, you have through July before you really have to worry about being pulled over. I guess they like the late fees you pay when you finally do get around to renewing.

Lucky said...

rick - Thanks, it went fine

irondad - I don't know that he ever explained himself, but he sure did tell some interesting stories.

And Thanks!

A - Yeah, we generally get a grace period too. I still get nervous having expired tabs. I've been pulled over for old tabs three times.