Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuesday's Link List - Beatle-moto-mania edition

I listened to the Beatles White Album again this morning, and it recharged my batteries quite nicely. "Dear Prudence" has to be one of the coolest songs ever. When I was a kid, I wanted to be Sgt. Pepper-era John Lennon when I grew up. As I got older, I realized that in terms of Beatle personality, I'm definitely more of a George Harrison.

Everyone has their favorite Beatle. Mine has changed, repeatedly, over the years. Currently, my favorite is Ringo. Yes, seriously. Ringo is underrated as a drummer - probably because his style meshed and blended so well with the group. Furthermore, he stayed out of the later drama - all of the Beatles were still friends with Ringo when they split.

Besides, he was the Conductor on Shining Times Station way before George Carlin.

Some Beatles fan uglified his bike, but with a Beatles theme so it's cool.

I want a copy of this poster. Actually, I want 30 of them, I'll post them anywhere I stop.

William Shatner says wearing proper gear is foolish. Thankfully, most people don't take him seriously. Ever. Except maybe when he was actually playing Captain Kirk.

Helmet Hair wants to know your first motorcycle memory. Mine is getting a ride on my uncle Big Red's old Yamaha when I was probably four or five. Later, when I was 16, I got to ride the darn thing myself. The first bike I actually piloted, however, was uncle Speed Racer's Honda minibike. Rode it full throttle into a tree. Good times!


irondad said...

Ringo's coming to McMenamin's Edgefield near here in July. Cool. Shatner always did live in a make believe world, didn't he?

Lucky said...

Really? I'll have to look that show up, I might be in the area.