Monday, April 14, 2008

All I Want for Christmas is a Limitless Tool Budget

One flipping bolt. Just one. That's the only thing between me and getting the VX800 back on the road. Or, at least to the DMV. OK, just to get the bike to hold it's coolant.

One frickin' impossible to get to bolt.

One. Bolt.

On Saturday I went to Sears to see if I could find an obstruction wrench of some sort to make getting at the impossible to get to bolt slightly easier. Coop found some S-shaped wrenches at a garage sale a while back (I'll try to link to the post later - I can't get to his blog at work), that would have been perfect, I bet. Sears didn't have anything like that. They did, however, have some small ratcheting box-end wrenches. I bought one (8mm, if you want to know), thinking that if I could just get it on the troublesome bolt, I could easily tighten it 5 degrees at a time until it was done.

Of course, the new wrench was too big to get anywhere near the bolt.

So, I think I'm going to go ahead and give up on that (unless any of y'all in the Phoenix area have an assortment of obstruction-dodging wrenches and like beer. Anyone? Anyone?), do the rest of the work that I can do, and take it in to a shop to get them to tighten that damn bolt for me.

Excuse me while I hang my head in shame and disappointment.

Update: Here's the promised link to Coop's killer wrenches.

Updated One More Time: Here's a photo in an older post describing the troublesome location. The bolt is on the right side, behind the hose, just a tiny bit lower than the visible bolt.


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Dude, My father's got an awsonme set of tools. He's a T.V. repair man! Oops, sorry that was from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, but I couldn't pass that one up.

I'd help a brother biker if I could but Arizona is just a WEE bit too far.

Good luck!
I know you'll get er back on the road. They don't call ya Lucky for nuttin.

Lucky said...

Oh, I'll get it on the road, I'm just going to have to pay to do it.

And Arizona isn't THAT far. You can make the trip in three easy days if you're a crazy, all-nite driving kind of guy...

Wyckedsin said...

Pics of the offender would help me see if I have anything that either can work, or could be made to work.

Lucky said...

Wycked - I'll post a pic tonight.