Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Looking Forward to a Ride

Tomorrow Lady Luck has to go to an entirely different part of Phoenix for work, so I won't be carpooling with her. Which means I get to ride in to work.

I've discovered that it's hard to feel superior to cagers when one is, y'know, stuck in a cage.

Anyway, after tomorrow it's back to carpooling, so to fend off the moto-jonesin' I've been planning a trip. After a ton of consideration, I've decided to take a long weekend (probably next weekend) and ride out to Los Alamos. I chose Los Alamos over Roswell because, personally, I find nuclear weaponry significantly more ooky than supposed alien cagers who, despite advanced technology, still didn't know that two objects can not occupy the same space at the same time.

Also, Los Alamos has the Black Hole.

So, I'm thinking I'll ride out to Gallup, NM on Friday and spend the night. Then on to Los Alamos for the day, and down to Albuquerque for the night on Saturday, and back to Phoenix on Sunday.

Should be cool.

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