Sunday, September 16, 2007

Assorted Moto Musings

  • The parking garage near my office has added a ton of motorcycle-only parking spots. Strangely enough, non of the other riders are using them yet, despited the huge signs saying "Motorcycle Parking Only." More space for the Triumph, I suppose.
  • What is it about the Renaissance Festival and motorcycles? Any time I go to one, I marvel at the number of motorcycles that turn out.
  • Speaking of ren-fest, I had an amusing experience at the festival in Minnesota. I was wearing a retro motorcycle-dealership t-shirt that I got in Phoenix at the local rockabilly & hot-rod supply store, Go Kat Go. The shirt is for "Ed Kretz's" Ariel, Triumph, and Cushman Scooter dealership. I have no idea if such a place ever existed. It doesn't matter. The relevant part of the shirt is the cartoon woman, who's black and white line-drawing breasts are exposed. The young woman taking tickets at ren-fest took exception to my taste in clothing, and gave me the coldest stare ever. This was amusing, because her corset was only slightly less revealing than, say, pasties.
  • It's finally cool in the mornings, so long as I leave by 6:30. And I get to ride to work two days a week now. Hooray for extra moto goodness.

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irondad said...

Perhaps it wasn't your taste she was displeased with. Could have been the competition she didn't care for.