Thursday, September 06, 2007

Got the Time Tick Tick Ticking in My Head

How the hell did it get to be September already?

Well, here we are, inching closer and closer to mid-September, which means November is getting closer and closer.

Which means National Novel Writing Month is approaching with a quickness.

Which means I gotta figure out what to write.

I've got a few ideas, and I thought I'd run them by you, my loyal and trusting readers.

SO! First off, do any of you have any interest in watching the novel progress in a convenient blog format like last year?

Up next, my rough plot ideas

Novel 1: Our hero wakes up as the sole survivor in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. He's never had more fun.
Novel 2: The butler keeps compulsively killing people, but he's not really such a bad guy.
Novel 3: Holy Rollers 2: Electric Boogaloo. I have zero plot here so far but I DO have two characters that are pretty loveable, in their way. I'm guessing that something bad will happen to someone, and the gruesome twosome will have to save the day / apply their own special brand of justice. Or something.

So, if you want, let me know what you think. I'm mostly curious to know if anyone would be interested in another novel blog (blovel? novelog?) Theme-wise, I'm leaning pretty strongly towards continuing the Holy Rollers story. It'll be like the next Harry Potter. Only, y'know, with a lot more swearing, general vulgarity and motorcycles. Yeah.

Also, will any of y'all be writing your own novels this year?


Tinker said...

I would like to read another novel, on-line and a chapter-at-a-time, post-apocalypse-now.

Surly said...

I'd love a tall cool glass of Novelog, please. Butler or HR II. I just got around to reading HR I and I'm not finished yet so don't delete it.

Anonymous said...

I didn't read your first novel but if you got a flow going maybe you should go with that.

I've written a novel, its being posted as a blog the website is check it out. Its a coming of age story about life and how perspective affects it.