Sunday, December 03, 2006

Plans for the month

Well, I think we can all agree that I spent the last month seizing the day(s). Now I'm into another new month, and a new exciting project is therefore required.

To fill my gaping project void, I'm going to spend the month fixing up the VX so that it's legal and safe to ride on the street again. Here's a list of what the old girl needs:

Valve adjustment
Balance carbs
Clean carbs (?)
Oil change
Thermostat check/replace (Currently, the radiator fan doesn't come on)
Remove weird metal hunk from exhaust (there's a chunk blocking the exhaut)
New rear tire
Adjust clutch (slips occasionally)

I expect by January I'll have 2 sweet running bikes.


Combatscoot said...

If it needs that much, just replace it with a new one! Isn't that how our consumer-driven culture works now?

Steve Williams said...

I'm not good at seizing days. I am better at frittering time away. Nine days from now I start a holiday season vacation. I'm hoping to actually accomplish some things and will use your example for motivation and inspiration. I'll have 17 days to work on the scooter so I'll be doing a lot of the things you outlined. Here is my magic list of mechanical mayhem:

Drive belt change
Oil and filter change
Hub oil change
Valve adjustment
Repaint exhaust
Change spark plug
Hang canoe in garage

Impressive for a little scooter and in an unheated garage to boot! Woo hoo! That's holiday excitement.

Lucky said...

John - I'm going to refrain from commenting because I've been in kind of a funk about exactly that lately. Give me some time to simmer down a bit, and I'll whip up a coherent anti-consumerism rant.

Steve - That's quite a list. I wish you much happy and easy wrenching. Be sure to photographically document the gnarlier bits of the process.

Combatscoot said...

I hope that, by now, you know that I am poking fun. The VX was a good bike, one of those cult-classics, and any good example should be kept alive as long as possible.