Monday, December 04, 2006

Gas Trap

I hope you'll excuse me for a brief descent into base humor (just in case you didn't notice all of it over here.).

One of my other great epicurean loves is mexican food. Done well, I'll eat it every day that I'm not eating pizza.

In the past, the beans in mexican food used to cause me considerable gastrointestinal distress, of varying intensity. For some unknown reason as I've gotten older this problem has mostly gone away, so I enjoy refried beans once again.

Last night, Lady Luck made tacos for dinner. We didn't have any refried beans, so she whipped up sort of a refried bean/hummus crossover that was to die for.

It was so good, I brought it for lunch today. Unfortunately, not too long after I ate, my gut started rumbling. I spent a very uncomfortable afternoon at my desk.

You might think that I got relief on my ride home. After all, I've got open air, noisy exhaust, and a full face helmet for extra protection.

You would be wrong. If there's one thing that bikes are good at, it's keeping a surly biker from farting. I thought I figured out a good solution though: lean the bike over, lift a cheek and poot on down the road. And, pragmatically speaking, it does work.

Then it dawned on me: everyone behind me saw me, and knew exactly what I was doing. I'm sure none of them knew quite what to make of my shaking shoulders as I laughed hysterically at my realization.

Tomorrow, I'll have something more dignified for you.


Gary said...

This is just another reason I love my KLR. Standing up on the pegs is just a natural thing to do on a dual sport. It lets me see over traffic, relieves pressure on the buttocks, and of course, straightens out the plumbing so the wastegate (think turbocharger) can function. This works on a scooter too, only not quite as naturally.

Ride well, (and downwind, please...)


Combatscoot said...

Another good way to "offgas" without it being obvious is to hang-off on the turns.

Lucky said...

At last, the real reason for dragging a knee is unveiled.