Friday, December 01, 2006

The Gentlemanly Hun

Mr. Combatscoot recently posted about his frustration with meeting riders he doesn't know in traffic. It seems that they just don't behave around him at all.

I haven't had this happen to me to the same extent, perhaps because I'm on a motorcycle, while he rides a scooter. However, I have certainly encountered my share of rude moto-conduct from other unknown riders.

Today, however, I have to tell you about my delightful brush with courtesy. This morning I was enjoying my usual frogger-like merge onto the freeway and over to the HOV lane, and was frustrated by the large number (four, one for each lane) of people who actually sped up so I couldn't get in front of them. Damn snow birds.

I finally got over to the "fast" lane, and I was waiting for my opportunity to hit the hyperjet and enjoy the glorious freedom (relative) of the HOV lane. Keeping one eye on my mirrors and the other on the Lincoln Super-Mega-Beast-Ugly-Fuggin-Waste-Oughta-Be-Burned-Truckster in front of me, I noticed something odd in my mirror. A sportbike.

A sportbike, in and of itself, isn't that weird, but one where the rider is WAVING ME IN is. What a guy! I got into the HOV lane, enjoyed my 3 second burst of acceleration, and then settled into cruise position.

The gentleman riding behind me stayed at a safe, but not stand-offish distance. I was hoping we'd exit at the same place so I could give him mad props and high fives for not being a dink, but he disappeared to exit several miles before my own exit. Oh well.

So, gentlemanly sportbiker dude, where ever you are, you rock.


Tinker said...

Wow! Triple post! I can't imagine what made it go full auto, but the novel was pretty good.

Lucky said...

Thanks for the heads up!

I'm glad you liked the novel, I had a heck of a lot of fun writing it. :D

Steve Williams said...

No matter where it happens it always feels good to be on the receiving end of politeness and consideration. I'll try to be of the same caliber as the gentleman you describe.

I have only once really had someone annoyed with me because I was on a scooter. Coming home one day I rode up behind several cruiser bikes at a light, each carrying a female companion behind them. As I sat on the Vespa the women noticed me and began pointing and giggling. I'm not sure if they were making fun or thinking it was all so cute.

The light changes and all of us start up the road towards the next light. Traffic was heavy enough that they couldn't speed away from me. Same thing happens at the next light and as we ride away from that one the hand motions start for me to back off. I am probably two car lengths behind at 30 MPH. As the speed limit and road open a bit I am still following along and one of the guy keeps craning around yelling something. I drop back a little farther but it is still them and me. I'm sure they didn't want a scooter contaminating the image they were presenting. Or maybe the girls were talking about dumping them for that cool old guy on the scooter.

About a mile down the road the traffic falls away and they roar off. I catch up to them two miles down the road as they are sitting at the light in the right hand lane and I zip by in the left. This was the final straw because they come roaring away from the light and pass me in the loud growl only a big V Twin can do. I felt so alone.

I've tried to put myself in their position and keep coming up with the same reaction----I don't care I don't care I don't care. I just don't care who pulls up behind me or is riding near as long as they aren't on my ass.