Sunday, August 27, 2006

Nonno's Pizza - Official Review!!

Fresh off the disappointment of Classic Italian Pizza, our intrepid Pizza Posse made our way to Nonno's Pizza.

The Place: Nonno's Pizza
1245 W. Baseline #103
Mesa, AZ 85202
(480) 897-2333

I have to admit that I was a little jaded when we arrived, fresh from our disastrous prior review attempt. Thankfully, Nonno's cured what ailed us.

The Posse: The usual band of misfits and malcontents.

The Ride: Again, better than no ride at all. Just off of Baseline Rd. and Alma School Rd. in beautiful Mesa, AZ. 2 Crying Luckies

The Pie: The Sicilian Cheese pizza. This is what I would call a deep dish pizza. Dear God, it was beautiful. It's said that the true test of a chef's ability is how well they can make a simple dish. This pizza was nearly flawless. 4 Crying Luckies

The Crust: Thick and fluffy and good! It doesn't have a strong flavor, but it is an extremely good topping conveyance, and it does taste good enough to eat on it's own. 4 Crying Luckies.

The Topping: Granted, it was just cheese. They use good cheese. You must try it! 4 Crying Luckies

The Sauce: Finally, a place that understands the importance of sauce in the overall integrity of a pizza. Their sauce is good. It's not my ideal sauce (I believe it could have used a bit more black pepper.), but it is very, very good. 4 Crying Luckies

The Ambiance: Nonno's Pizza is a pizza joint. They're clean, and nice enough, but not fancy. Their staff, however, is fabulous. They were closing early when we arrived, and they were more than happy to fire up the oven, set a table and generally treat us as welcome guests. Between you and me, I was flabbergasted by their hospitality. 5 Crying Luckies

Overall: I will be going back to Nonno's Pizza a lot. It's obviously a family run restaurant, and they truly made sure we were having as good a time as possible. If you can get there, by all means go! They've only been in business a couple of months, and can use (and deserve) your patronage. 4.5 Crying Luckies

Nonno's simply rocked. I sincerely hope that they do very well, because they have a quality product and an excellent staff.

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Biker Betty said...

Okay, it's dinner time, I'm drooling after reading your review and I don't live in your state or city to go to this place - .00005 Crying Luckies, lol.

I'm luv'n your pizza reviews!