Tuesday, July 25, 2006

An amusing new problem

Last night I discovered a whole new moto-pain. Since my bike has rearsets (the VX has mid-mounted footpegs), my pants kind of hike up past my boots. Somewhat dorky-looking, but not too much of a problem, right?

Wrong. My legs got burned somehow on my way home last night. I don't think it was sunburn, because I was facing away from the sun for 98% of my ride home. Nope, I think that the combination of heat coming off the road and wind rushing by my legs cooked me convection-oven style.

It totally sucked, either way.

Today I'm wearing a taller pair of boots and hopefully it won't be a problem

In other exciting news, I should hit 300 miles tonight. That means I get an extra 1000 rpms to play with. Woo hoo!


Surly said...

Two words - Leg Warmers

I wear jeans and I buy them too long and cuff them most of the time. When in the bike, I roll down the cuff. Doesn't work for computer geeks, however.
See option A.

Der_General said...

I do the same as Surly, 'cept I don't bother with the cuffing part. Probably why most of my jeans look like small vicious dogs have been following me, biting at my heels...

Russell said...


That can still happen in the heat, even with taller boots. I used to ride in Texas on an ST1100 and I'd get the same thing on long hot rides. If you figure out how to beat it, I'd love to learn how.

Lucky said...

The taller boots helped last night. I still had to keep pulling the cuffs of my pants down, though. Today I wore jeans that should keep my legs covered.

Of course, this morning the darn bike wouldn't start, so I'll have to wait a bit to test the theory.