Thursday, February 09, 2006

Computers do not rock like motorcycles.

As a professional computer programmer, I feel I am in an excellent position to offer the following advice to anyone who thinks computers are neat: They aren't. Get over it.

After 2 day of ripping my hair out and wondering when I'm going to get sacked from my new job due to a stupid problem I can't figure out or fix I can honestly say that computers are, approximately, the worst thing in the entire world.

The worst thinig about computers? If and when you ever get the freakin' thing to work, you have zip to show for it. You can't even rev the engine up, or go carve up a twisty road.

This weekend, Phoenix Forge is having a moving sale. You'd better believe I'm going to be there scoping out anvils and figuring out how long it will take until I never have to touch a computer for anything more complicated than this blog again.

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Surly said...

The suspense is killing me dude.