Friday, February 10, 2006

Better all the time.

Maybe I was a little hard on computers. They aren't the worst thing in the world. I can't think of what's actually worse, but I'm sure there's something.

Anyways, today was a better day.

Traffic was thoroughly screwed up today. There was a nasty wreck on my ride into work that took up 3 lanes of traffic. The cool thing is that I was able to get from the car pool lane to the far right lane in no time flat, due to my ability to fit through tiny little spaces.

Damn I love riding.

So... tomorrow... I hear there's a moving sale going on at a forge. I might have to go get an anvil. Of course, I'll probably have to take a car, since I doubt bungee cords will keep an anvil strapped to the back of my bike.

1 comment:

Surly said...

That sounds like a Wile E. Coyote moment waiting to happen!
Is it an acme anvil, are there rocket packs and roller skates involved?