Thursday, November 03, 2005

These Boots Are Made For Stompin'

Lady Luck got me a great pair of riding boots for xmas last year. These are boots that inspire fear in those things on the wrong side of them. These are boots to conquer the world with. These are boots for slogging through the thick muck of the modern world.

And they have a comfy padded liner.

One thing the boots are NOT intended for is extended walks. By extended, I mean further than front door to bike. To paraphrase one of my favorite jokes by Gallagher, of course bikers are going to act like they want to fight you; they know they can't run.

So, most of the time I've been wearing a pair of Doc Martens. They aren't the greatest riding boots, but they do the trick and I can wear them all day.

Lady Luck pointed out to me the other day that I could leave a pair of shoes at work and just change into them when I got to the office. Brilliance.

Today I brought a pair of shoes with me to work, and wore my big ol' stompy boots. They're so much better to ride in it's kind of ridiculous. Floorboards? Who needs 'em? And down-shifting is a whole new joy. Lead foot indeed!

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