Monday, November 07, 2005

One More Weekend Spent Boozing and Carousing

Or not. I spent the weekend at a metal patina and finishing workshop. Learned how to use chemicals to make metals rust in a pretty way, how to use paints that have such a huge amount of metal in them that it is possible to patina them, the various uses and applications of wax and, of course, the joys of solvent dyes.

I'm significantly smarter now.

There were, of course, other riders at the class. One of them came over and asked what a VX800 is. So I told her "Well, it's a motorcycle." Then I told her a bit more about it, since she wasn't being a jerk.

And that was about it for my weekend. I got about 70 miles of riding in, and even had some pizza (at the workshop).

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