Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Metal, how do I love thee?

One of those commonly accepted "truths" parents and teachers use to reassure themselves is that all the little dirtball headbangers will outgrow heavy metal once they're adults, and will go on to enjoy a normal life, consume respectable music, get a house, kids, a tv, an SUV and otherwise join the consumer, wage-slave chain of life.

Except, some of those kids weren't just listening to metal to shock their parents. Some of them actually liked metal. In fact, some of them really, really, really liked metal, and couldn't understand people who didn't like metal.

I can remember the first, true "metal" song I heard (Warrant doesn't count. And I was 13, so you'll have to excuse my taste.). A friend had given me Motley Crue's "Dr. Feelgood" album. If you've heard it, you know that the very first riff on the album is pure METAL. Thunderous, primal, dark, and heavy like a coked up elephant, I was hooked.

Shortly after that, I moved to Sweden. Metal was not a popular genre at the school I went to. There were a couple kids who dug Metallica. Swedish death metal was just starting to really become something at that time. There was an assistant art teacher at my school who let me listen to a little bit on his headphones. I can't remember the band, or even the song, but I do remember having my 14 year old mind blown. The first taste is always free.

The thing is, I never outgrew metal. Obviously, I began to appreciate other kinds of music, but metal is my true musical love. Stoner metal, speed metal, death metal, thrash, math metal, prog metal, hardcore, power metal, New Wave of British Metal, Metal-Metal-Metal, I love it all. The only kind of metal I don't really like is Nu-Metal. Sure, there are a couple of good Nu-Metal songs, but overall it's the same "alternative" formula, only with detuned guitars. Whine whine whine, look at me I'm making metal with feelings. Hurl.

Now, much like my love for metal, I have loved motorcycles since the first taste when I was little. The first motorcycle I got a ride on was terrifyingly loud, buzzy, and hot. I thought it was awesome. By the time I got off, I think my heart was running in time with the motor.

Since then, every ride has reaffirmed how much I love motorcycles. It's the same primal rush that I get when I hear a killer new metal band.

I'm not picky about motorcycles, either. I love them ALL, to varying extents. Cruisers, sportbikes, dirtbikes, dual-sports, mini-bikes, bobbers, choppers.... Well, maybe not "choppers," but bobbers, board-track racers, mopeds, scooters and the rest are all good by me.

I'm probably not going to outgrow heavy metal, and I really don't think I'm ever going to outgrow motorcycles, either. I'm ok with that.


Surly said...

I found out this morning that Clutch is playing about two hours away on Fri. Woo-hoo. You and one other person are the only people who will think that's cool.
Also, Dinosaur jr. (one of my all time fave's) is back together and playing in Chicago in a couple of weeks. I found this out this morning- the same day as your metal post. Spooky. Rock on.

Lucky said...

Dude, you'd better go! If it's only two hours, it's worth it.

Incidentally, they're playing down here in December.

Kris said...

It doesn't get any better than taking a ride with Morbid Angel's Altars of Madness blaring in my ears. great blog!