Friday, October 07, 2005


My ride to work involves going through road construction. A lot of it. Thanks to the brilliance of the city's planning team, there isn't a single route I can take without construction on it.

Anyway, the road is pretty beat up, and has been down to 2 lanes (from 4) for a while. Now it's mostly open again, which means free and easy riding. Except, some how they managed to include a great big bump in the middle of one of the intersections. It's sudden, and it's fairly big.

At lunch yesterday, I hit it at around 55 mph, and discovered that my kidneys taste kind of funny. I learn pretty quick, so I stood up a bit in that intersection when I was going home from work. Apparently, I didn't stand up enough and KERR-POW!!! The seat of the VX smacked straight into my nuts. If it had hit me much harder I probably would have dumped it, curled up in the road and waited for some moron in an SUV to put me out of my misery.

Note to self - slow down in that intersection.

On to more important topics, I've gotten a couple suggestions for pizza places. Keep them coming! Don't be shy!

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