Monday, October 10, 2005

Concerning Gangs of Hot Air Balloonists

I had a post all worked out for this morning, but something more important came up. As I was riding in this morning, I spotted 4 hot air balloons flying over head. I thought to myself, "Why are people so afraid of groups of motorcycles and not afraid of groups of hot air balloons?"

Personally, I'd be more worried about a gang of hot air balloons. Think about it, if it's night time and you're out in a remote area, you'd never know if there was a group of black hot air balloons tracking you. At least you can hear a group of motorcycles coming. Hot air balloons are like the ninjas of the sky. One could drop down in front of you, block the road off, and before you had time to understand what you were seeing there'd be a hoard of unruly hot air balloonists dropping out of the sky, robbing you blind, beating your wife and children, and molesting your golden retriever. And then when they are done with you, they're off and back up in the sky.

Think about that the next time you see a group of hot air balloons and start to smile, thinking of an inspirational poster you once saw. Maybe you should write to Successories and tell them you want to see more motorcycles, and fewer hot air balloons.

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