Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Umbrella Girls for Everyone!

My vast mind was wandering yesterday, and I wound up thinking about the abundance of old-school motorcycle loyalists out there. I'm all for denim, leather and the multitude of opportunities presented by the color black as well as the tasty looks of old-school bobbers and flat-trackers, but that combination of clothing and vehicle tends to be a little warm.

You'd think with all the denim, leather, and black steel around that umbrella girls would be prevalent at any given motorcycle event. Sure, sure, there are always scantily-clad spokesmodels, hooters-girls and other eye candy, but frankly they don't help out a whole lot with keeping your average leather-clad rider comfortable at each stop on the poker run, or at bikini bike washes. Instead, our intrepid biker-type is left to stand and sweat in clothes intended for high-velocity use.

How did the motorcycle community overlook something so important? It's time to rise up, and demand umbrella girls at every motorcycle event, every intersection and every parking lot. Write to the owners of your favorite motorcycle shop and implore them to add this vital service to their business. Call the organizers of the next poker run and make sure they understand the importance of staying cool.

The riding season may be winding down for many people, but heat stroke is no laughing matter. Do your part, and support your local umbrella girl.

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