Monday, October 31, 2005

The Magic Words

This weekend I took Lady Luck out for a couple of long(ish) rides. All in all, she probably got 80 miles in on the back of the VX. That's not bad for someone who hasn't developed the crucial everyday rider motorcycle-butt-resilience needed for maximum long distance comfort (and for anyone stuck on the back of the VX). Personally, I can go a couple hundred miles before my butt gets sore. But, like a runner training for a marathon, I put on at least 40 miles every day which keeps me in top form for long hauls.

Anyway, Lady Luck enjoys riding with me enough that she wants to ride a lot more. The VX isn't really intended for continuous two-up riding though. Well, unless you're the co-editors of "Vegan Boy" magazine, but let's get back to my story. Lady Luck and I stopped to get some breakfast, and she said the words every biker wants to hear "We should get you a new, bigger bike."

I tried to keep my poker face on, but it didn't work and I spent a few minutes doing the happy dance in the middle of a bewildered crowd of bagel-noshing suburbanites.

Well, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go start trying to decide what kind of bike to get.


Der_General said...

Does Lady Luck have a sister? ;)

Here's my short list of bikes I would consider:

Yamaha Road Star Warrior - Comfy for a passenger if you add the backrest bits, can still carve the turns.

Suzuki V-Strom 1000 - Dualsport bike are bitchin'. I want one of these or a Triumph Tiger.

Triumph Rocket III - I know you're not a "cruiser" guy, but c'mon! 2300cc!!!

BMW K1200GT - Beemers make me drool, but you'd have to change the website to "The Great Overpriced Coffeeshop Tour"...

Lucky said...

Lady Luck's sister doesn't really like motorcycles, sorry to say.

The next bike will likely be a cruiser, as tempting as the V-Strom is. I've got a few bikes in mind. I'll probably go into detail about them at a later time.

BMW = No. Beemers are for those whom Beemers are for. I am not a Beemer guy, although I have nothing against people who are.