Friday, October 28, 2005

Checking the oil is a good idea

Yesterday as I was on my way to lunch, I noticed my oil pressure and temp lights coming on when I braked moderately hard. At first I thought it must be an electrical gremlin, but I figured I'd better be safe and check the oil level.

I got to Auto Zone and checked the level. It was, shall we say, low. So, I went inside and bought a quart of oil, went out to the bike, realized I needed a funnel, went back in to see if they had a paper funnel, or just a funnel I could borrow. Nope. I bought a cheap funnel and went back out to the bike and started adding oil, keeping an eye on the oil-level window so I didn't over fill it. I kept adding oil, and adding oil, and adding oil..... and finally wound up adding more than a quart of oil.


So, I made a mental note to check my oil level much more frequently. The good news is I don't have a gremlin in my idiot lights (there's just an idiot sitting behind them most of the time).

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