Thursday, October 20, 2005

Little Kids Get It.

I should preface this by stating that kids scare the hell out of me.

I always end up chuckling when I hear little kids yelling some variant of "Look mom, a motorcycle!" And I usually end up laughing out loud when their mom says something like "Yeah, great."

Little kids seem to be the best at appreciating how things that are out of the ordinary are good. Open wonder and curiosity should be reinforced and encouraged as kids grow up, but somehow it gets drilled out of most people.

There's a lot more to life than going to work, watching TV, and buying the latest thing that's getting hyped right now. Go out and learn something just for the shit crazy joy of knowing something you didn't know before. You never know what might happen. These guys made their own Austin Healy engines, that ran, after learning how to cast aluminum.

Anyway, I'll probably always have a soft spot for kids who get excited when they see a motorcycle. Probably because I'm usually only a breath away from yelling "Look, a motorcycle!" every time I see one.

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Surly said...

There is a new commercial on tv where a little kid says he loves motorcycles as the suv he's in gets passed by about 6 harleys. The same sort of thought entered my mind when I saw that commercial.
As for casting your own block, that's cool. Kind of like getting a used garage instead of building a new one.