Sunday, October 02, 2005

Favorite Blocks

I think every rider in Phoenix has a few favorite local roads tucked away in the deeper corners of their brain, saved for emergencies. Overall, the roads in Phoenix are boring as hell. A perfect grid makes for easy navigation, but minimal wahoo.

There are a few roads, sprinkled here and there, that are kind of interesting. It's usually a block or less but for five seconds you can get a little road carving in, which can spice an otherwise dull ride up.

Near my humble abode, there is a hotel/convention center kind of place that has the most delightfully twisty road through it. It's only a block long, tops, but if you can get in there when no cars are around (surprisingly often) you'll have a huge grin by the time you get to the stop sign at the end.

Today, I discovered a new road near where I work that has two long curves in it. Again, it's less than half a mile, but desert rats can't be picky about where they get their thrills.

Anyone have a favorite block they want to share?

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