Friday, September 30, 2005

Pizza Farms!

Today a wonderful, kinda-roadside attraction was brought to my attention: Pizza Farms. Having briefly researched the concept on Google, it appears to me that there are Pizza Farms all over the country.

You might be wondering what a pizza farm is. Basically, a farmer raises all the various plants and animals one might need to make a pizza (wheat, tomatoes, cows, chickens, pigs), and arranges each crop into "slices." So, you get to go through the pizza-shaped farm (usually a guided tour) and see everything that goes into making that holiest of foods. Best of all, some of them serve pizza for lunch (The farm I looked at got it from Pizza Factory. WTF??).

The only downside I've seen regarding pizza farms is the horrible puns all the news articles throw in, for example "Pizza farmer finds new way to grow Dough," or "Farmer makes lots of green by growing pizza." As a brief tangent, why do people feel compelled to make puns about any given food topic? It's funny when Weird Al does it, but Weird Al is significantly more talented than your local news outlet.

Anyway, once I begin touring in earnest, I suppose I'm going to have to hit one of these places. You never know, I might get a hayride as part of the deal! Hayrides are awesome.

Here's the link that my informant provided which set me off on this crazy path:

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