Monday, October 03, 2005

Pier 49 Pizza semi-official review

So I tried a new pizza place yseterday. It turns out that they're a franchise, but they're not a big one (at least, outside of Utah...). Sorry, no pictures today. Imagine a brand new strip mall, complete with a not-yet-functional fountain out front that has a road cone in it, instead of water.

Anyway, the place was Pier 49 Pizza.
The Posse was Lady Luck and me.
The pie was the Ghiradelli, which is Pineapple and Canadian Bacon. You'd think a "Ghiradelli" pizza would be more of a dessert item, but you'd be horribly horribly wrong.

Lady Luck noticed this place recently, and demanded that I take her. Never one to let opportunity slide by, we hopped on the VX and departed immediately. The ride was pretty cool. We took Rio Salado Pkwy to Priest Drive. Rio Salado and Priest, in the area I was riding in, are two of the "fun roads" I was talking about recently. They're curvy, they're hilly, and they're close to home.

Now, to the pizza -

The Crust - Damn good. Probably the best part of the pizza, which should be expected since Pier 49 advertises their "Sourdough Pizza." A solid 4 Crying Luckies.

The Sauce - Also pretty damn good. Very herby. Oregano was the prominent herb, but I swear I could taste sage and thyme in there as well. Needed pepper, in my opinion, but a very respectable sauce all the same. 3.5 Crying Luckies.

The Toppings - Yep, they were good. Smoky canadian bacon, big ol' pineapple chunks, respectable cheese. I wished the cheese had been browned a bit more, but it was still mighty fine. 3 Crying Luckies.

The Ambience - Best Described as Strip Mall Whimsical. Obviously, they wanted it to look like San Francisco, but in a totally non-threatening, homogenized way. There were no visible tattoos, mohawks or GWAR fans present. On the other hand, the staff was nice without being annoying. 3 Crying Luckies.

Overall, this is the kind of place I'd take co-workers who are deathly afraid of mom-n-pop restaurants. It's promises good food in an entirely unintimidating package. The pizza was good enough that I could look past the cheesy decorating, and the ride was very fun compared to the usual Phoenix grind.

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