Thursday, July 14, 2005

Photos of Bruce Campbell. Also, Pantera photos.

Hey look, it's Bruce Campbell and he posed for me. I didn't actually see that happen, I was too busy trying to get the photo and get out of the way. Who's the smiley bald guy? I'm guessing he was with Bruce. Nice of him to smile for the photo.

Hey look! It's my back and Bruce Campbell! Gosh, that's a nice shirt I'm wearing. Let this be a lesson: NEVER let one of the theater staff take your picture. Seriously, anyone know who the diabolical looking bald guy is?

It's the back of a Pantera! Cool! The owner of this one talked to me for a minute, but I'm afraid I didn't listen to him very closely, due to my excitement over seeing a Pantera UP CLOSE and in person. How rude of me!

It's the side of a Pantera! Cool!

Ok, so I dig Panteras. Lady Luck thinks they're ugly, but she doesn't like ANY sportscars. I've wanted to check one out for around 5 years. I finally saw one on the road a year ago. And this time I got to see 2 of them. The other photo didn't turn out very well. Our digital camera has a weak flash, and to be honest I haven't figured out how to work the camera very much yet. I'm used to my fancy 35mm which takes such good photos that when there's a BAD one in the bunch, I have to suck it up and admit I goofed.

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