Friday, July 15, 2005

Sorta official Pizza Review - TC Luigi's

This is only a SORTA official review, because I go there all the time, and I can't figure out their level of corporate-ness. I mean, they're definitely a local chain, but they're trying to expand (and have a restaurant in Texas now) and have the word "franchise" on their website.

That said, I go there ALL THE TIME. I'm still working on my rating system (I'm thinking 1 - 5 Crying Luckies, or "how upset am I when it's gone?"), but for this one I'm going to stick with the thumb system. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of a 1 - 5 kinda system.

The Restaurant: TC Luigi's
Location - Ocotillo, primarily. I've ordered from a couple others before as well.

So, the ride to get there is good in that it's exactly long enough for me to go there, get lunch, and get back to work before an hour is up. But it's still just city streets. As always, any ride is better than no ride.

Crust - Thumb up. They have a really good "regular" crust. It's very, I dunno, crusty. Not only does it hold toppings well, but it tastes good as well. That's pretty tough to beat!

Sauce - Thumb up. I'm crazy for sauce and wish they'd put more on their pizza. Someday I'll order one with extra sauce... Anyway, it's tomatoey, it's spicy, and it doesn't detract from the crust or toppings.

Toppings - Thumb up. Good cheese, good pepperoni/Canadian bacon/pineapple/jalepenos/mushrooms. Really, this place does it right.

Ambiance - Sideways Thumb. It's ok. It's not the kind of place to bring a date you want to impress with your hipness. The cool thing is that they have garlic powder and oregano at the tables, along with the industry-standard crushed red peppers and parmesan cheese.

Still, the great thing about TC Luigi's is the pizza. I've gotten it delivered several times. It's just good.

I'd be happier if they were some hole in the wall, but if you HAVE to go to a chain, it might as well be a local one, and it might as well be this place.

Ok, so the NEXT review will be chock full of awesome ride pictures and details, and the pizza place will be cooler than "where I go for lunch."

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