Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hot at 7 am, Panteras and Bruce Campbell

My least favorite part about the summers here in Phoenix is when it's already hot outside at 7 am.
Last night we went to a book signing/movie premier for Bruce Campbell. His new flick is "The Man with the Screaming Brain." Didn't see it, but we got his autograph. In the 10 seconds we got to talk to him I got the impression that he's a good guy. I can't say the same for the jerks running the autograph line.

The signing happened to be near the restaurant where the local Pantera owner's club meets. So I strolled over and took some photos of their cars, and talked to them briefly. They seemed like decent guys, even if they didn't offer to let me take their cars out for a spin.

I've got pictures of all this fun, I'll try to post them later tonight!

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