Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A Challenge!

I see that Mtne (UTMC) has plotted an entire route for me with pizza stops all the way to Denver. This is cool for two reasons. One, I have been looking for an excuse to get up to Denver anyway. Two, it means someone is actually reading this thing. Neat!

Perhaps I'll be able to make that run around Labor Day. Especially since he offered to buy pizza. The catch is finding a time when I'll be able to get enough time off of work. Of course, if I schedule it right, maybe I could make that trip between quitting my present job and starting my new (and currently imaginary) job.

Anyway, you will be buying me a pizza, Mtne.

On to other important news, I have not gotten a call from Hondaboy's shop telling me my part is backordered. That means I'm probably going to actually GET IT, and be able to start riding sometime this week.

Thursday seems so far away....

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