Thursday, April 13, 2006

Riding to Interviews

Riding to a job interview is possibly the best thing you can do to assure yourself that you're going to be happy with your new gig (until you get your own thing going and can stick it to the man).

The people you meet are going to know right away that you are the kind of person that takes risks, stays cool under pressure, and occasionally smells like gasoline. These are all good traits to have in the business world.

Personally, when I get off of my bike, I'm a superhero. I can bust down doors, fix evil-doers with a steely glare, and bend steel bars into interesting shapes. When I'm charged up like that, a little interview is a piece of cake. Sell myself? Hell, I'll talk you into buying three of me, and you'll ask me if you can buy the extended service plan.

People love a biker. They've always got fun questions like "do you own a car?" and "how do you stand the heat in the summer?" Of course, if they don't like bikers, you probably won't get the job. Initially that seems bad, but when you think about it, do you want to work for someone that doesn't at least have a passing appreciation for motorcycles? I know I don't.

The moral for today, boys and girls, is that you shouldn't play it totally safe on your way to an interview. You want to have that little edge that makes them know that you're a dynamic, energetic, slightly crazed person who sticks with his/her passions. You want them to ask themselves why they waited so long to hire a rider.

Also, everyone loves seeing a rider wearing a 3 piece suit.


Anonymous said...

yah...they should see the edge bikers have :)

Anonymous said...

me alone loves seeing a rider wearing a 3 piece suit. it speak so much of their personalities.

Never Too Busy said...

Hahaha. So true!

Auto Nationals said...

Smelling like gasoline means your guaranteed to get the job or guaranteed NOT to get the job, none of that middle of the road stuff!