Friday, February 06, 2015

Maybe This Will Help With The Boredom

Apparently SonjaM is bored enough that she wants to see pictures of my bike.  Well, our bikes.*  "Us" being the moto-blogosphere.

But less chatter, let's get down to the photos.

Sonja said she wants a picture of Triumph in front of a covered bridge.  That's easy!
As found in sunny, friendly Zumbrota Minnesota.
Sonja didn't specifically say she wants pictures of bikes in front of tanks, but she's getting one anyway.  It fits with the theme, I think.  After all, this tank has the bridge above covered.
As found in surprisingly well-armed Zumbrota Minnesota
Slightly trickier is a photo of Triumph in front of an airplane.  For all the time Triumph spends hanging around airports, you'd think I'd have one better than this...
Triumph also flies.  Just at a lower altitude than the planes.
If that's not cutting it for you, well, there's a picture here from the time I posed Triumph in front of a pretend Viking longboat.

There was a small issue with finding a photo of Triumph in front of a barn.  I have, to the best of my knowledge, never taken such a picture.

I have, however, taken a photo of Triumph in front of the Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota (or the world, depending on who you ask.).  Which is in a gazebo-like pagoda.  Which is kind of like a barn, except it's smaller and not shaped like a barn.  And it has a great big twine ball in it.
Yes really.  As found in scenic Darwin, MN.
I feel kind of bad not posting some kind of barn picture, though, so I went through some old photos and found one of me and my super cool, red, 1985 Nissan 200sx in front of a barn, from way back when I was younger and prettier.
As found somewhere in fertile Blue Earth County, MN.
That car was hella fast. And that coat was hella cozy.

Not enough for you?  Here are a few other folks who played along with Sonja's blog challenge:
Jason Ewert
Chiller Tek

*Triumph is convinced the whole thing is all about her.


SonjaM said...

Bonus points for tank, viking boat and an 80's Nissan. Looks like you had a bit fun doing this. I know I had. Thanks, Lucky!

mq01 said...

fun stuff! and triumph, ah yes, i understand. bob is the exact same way, always thinking its all about him. hehe..

Richard M said...

A 2000SX. I hadn't seen or heard of one of those for years. I had a friend who had one from the late 70s and I think it was the same generation as it looked exactly like yours. She loved the car so was always reluctant to take it on ski trips.

Chiller tek said...

Nice post, I like the tank shot.

Trobairitz said...

Nicely done Lucky.

Lucky said...

SonjaM - Thanks! It was a lot of fun.

MQ01 - Thank you! It's a good thing they're both so lovable otherwise... :)

RichardM - As much as I loved that car, in winter conditions it was the worst behaved car I've driven.

Chiller Tek - Thanks! I like that one too...

Trobairitz - Thank you!