Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Tuesday Party Tune - Now With Motorcycles

Well, to be honest, there's a motorcycle, but I think we can all agree it's central to the plot of this video. And there's even a valuable lesson about the dangers of target fixation at the end.

See? I entertain and educate y'all. The line for high-fives forms to the right.

It's October, which means Halloween is approaching, which means this month is going to be all Halloween party tunes. I hope you don't mind.

Here's another toe-tapper, brewed up just for you, right here on the Middle Coast. Dig the guitarist's sweet Gretsch.

(Fair warning, this video contains mild rockabilly violence, face paint, fake blood, cheesy atom bomb explosions, and may not be suitable for audiences that don't like stuff.)

[Watch on YouTube]


mq01 said...

cool! one of the better new rockabilly videos ive seen! they remind me alot of the stray cats... thanks for sharing it lucky! and yay, bring on halloween party tunes!

Lucky said...

I'm glad you dug it! I can't wait to find some more good Halloween tunes... :)

Chiller tek said...

Lucky, you have lots of music videos these days, what happened to the bike content?

Lucky said...

Chiller tek - I just haven't had much to say lately. I've got a few motorcycle posts in varying stages of completion, and some photos to put up, so I should have some more motorcycle content soon.